What does your

erotic nature

have to do with

your happiness?

how is your

sexual energy

a gift for 

spiritual awakening?

and how can you bring very simple sensual practices into your daily life

to support enhanced pleasure in yourself and within your relationships?

Hi, I'm Sage.

I am a tantric priestess and healer.

I have been a practicing tantrika for over 15 years, with a foundation in classical tantra through mantra and music as a modality for healing through sound, movement, voice and breath.

The spiritual foundation of my path as a tantrika is based in Advaita (non-dual) consciousness and Shaktaa tantra, recognizing the Goddess as the Source of all existence and non-existence.

I weave practices from Tibetan tantra and the divine union codes from Christ-Magdalene teachings into my work, along with intimacy practices that I have learned from Neo-tantra teachers and those of my own creation.

The spiritual nature of my life is the background for everything I do and how I connect with the world.  

I combine this spiritual approach with my hands-on gifts as a highly skilled bodyworker to awaken my clients to expanded states of self-awareness and to support them in experiencing greater intimacy within themselves and with all of life.

By opening yourself to the possibility of working with me, you are saying YES

to the birthright of your sacred sexuality,

which is the very fabric of your life-force energy and the divine spark that is your soul.

If you are ready to meet yourself

as both human and divine

And if you want to expand in your felt sense of




... I'd love to work with you.

© 2019 by Sage Benette