Hi, I'm Sage.  

Thank you for visiting my site + taking the time to "get to know me" virtually.

This work is my passion - like it's actually revolutionary to bring conscious awareness to your sex life + erotic nature.

I love working with individuals + couples of all genders who are truly interested in the experience of connecting sexual energy to consciousness + using this as a tool for yes - better sex + off the charts orgasms - but also for overall health + vitality, sustaining truly enjoyable relationships, aligning with our power + purpose, attracting wealth + so much more - and literally healing the planet through the potency of our own erotic life-force energy!


I stepped into this work of intimacy guidance + sacred companionship in 2017, after taking tantric initiations as a sex priestess.

However, I have been a practicing tantrika for much longer.  

I have spent years clearing + healing myself in order to offer the level of erotic healing that I do.

My background of training is vast + spans the last 15+ years.

Please inquire if you want to know more about my certifications + teachers I have studied with, as well as my connection to specific tantric lineages.

I describe myself as a spiritual sendual-hedonist with a big appetite for life and all things related to pleasure - specifically the kind of pleasure we can cultivate through intimacy and connection. 

I practice Tantra as a path of Self-realization and soul embodiment, meaning that I practice a spirituality that brings me INTO my body and into connection with others, instead of using spirituality as a means to escape the body or avoid the experience of connection.

I believe that our sexual energy IS our life-force energy. 

This energy is the birthright of every human being.  In the journey of spiritual-sexual awakening, we are being invited to accept and love all parts of ourselves, including and especially the parts we have trained ourselves to be ashamed of, or deny, repress, judge or condemn.

Coming back to the roots of our sacred sexuality and our erotic innocence is truly a path of liberation.

My practice is based on the fundamental starting point of radical self-acceptance, embracing all of who we are

- all of our "light" and all of our "dark"  -

leaving no stone unturned.

Have you heard of the Erotic Blueprint Quiz?

This is a fun + free way to find out more about your own erotic energy, what turns you on + your "sexual style" ...

Take the quiz + feel free to share your results with me!

(I'm #1 Kinky # 2 Sensual #3 Sexual ... which actually surprised me + it's been fun to explore)






I'm not affiliated with Miss Jaiya - I just like her work 

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