I have been a practitioner of erotic arts and intimacy support since 2017, although I have been a practicing tantrika for much longer.

I am a passionate woman in my early forties, with a big appetite for life and all things related to pleasure - specifically the kind of pleasure we can cultivate through intimacy and connection.

I practice Tantra as a path of Self-realization and soul embodiment, meaning that I practice a spirituality that brings me INTO my body and into connection with others, instead of using spirituality as a means to escape the body or avoid the experience of connection.

I believe that our sexual energy IS our life-force energy. 

This energy is the birthright of every human being.  In the journey of spiritual-sexual awakening, we are being invited to accept and love all parts of ourselves, including and especially the parts we have trained ourselves to be ashamed of, or deny, repress, judge or condemn.

Coming back to the roots of our sacred sexuality and our erotic innocence is truly a path of liberation.

My practice is based on the fundamental starting point of radical self-acceptance, embracing all of who we are

- all of our "light" and all of our "dark"  -

leaving no stone unturned.

And within all that, I'm also a simple creature who finds great joy in co-creating erotic experiences that bring us to tantalizing new heights while simultaneously anchoring us more deeply into our own bodies + aligning us with our sovereign desires + will.

Truly connected erotic experiences are portals for incredible healing, transformation and growth - and the beauty is -

every session is unique to you (or you and your partner) and your specific desires.

There is no right or wrong way to play!

© 2019 by Sage Benette