What clients are saying...

"Sage is a true goddess who has helped me work on my spiritual and emotional growth. I had been holding and repressing emotions in my body. During my session my body was shaking like it never did before. That was a form of expression and catharsis. It was a form of acceptance of my shadow side. Our second session was even more beautiful. I’d recommend her to anyone seeking spiritual growth and connecting with self."


- Sam, Los Angeles (2020)

"Sage is incredible.  I recommend her without reservation.


I have seen numerous providers of all types over the past 10 years in 3 different cities.  She is the best by far.  She is beautiful, professional, discreet and has exceptional technique in many different therapy styles.


I wish I could see her more often than my crazy schedule permits, but I do see here as often as I possibly can."

- William, Seattle (2019)

"I have seen over eight times privately as part of her sacred intimacy practice. I highly recommend her. She is exquisite."

- David, Seattle (2019)

"We are partners that have been together for 15+ years.  We needed a boost sexually and emotionally, but have never tried anything too adventurous.  

Sage quickly calmed our anxiety by connecting over the phone first, then in person she was incredible!

She met us where we were at, and our time together was other worldly and beautiful.

It's a bright new world of possibilities for us!  Thank you Sage!"


- J & R, Seattle (2020)

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